The Scoop On Matching Shoes & Belts



In this video, Michael Gilman, founder of Grooming Lounge – the top men’s online grooming and shaving website – talks with publicity and fashion expert, Heather Menis, about the rules of matching your shoes with your belt.

So what exactly needs to match?

The rule used to be that you had to match the colors exactly. So like a black shoe with a black belt or a brown shoe with a brown belt. However, those rules no longer apply!

Now you can wear different colored belts and shoes as long as they go together, meaning that the undertones in the colors need to match. For example, a cognac color has black undertones so you could wear it with black shoes or a black belt. However, something like a grey belt or shoe would not work with a brown belt or shoe because those colors don’t have any undertones that match.

You don’t have to be matchy matchy anymore with your belts and shoes but the colors should definitely look well together.