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Who Doesn't Love Free Samples? We strive to make every Grooming Lounge experience "Wow-Worthy." One of the ways we try to accomplish this is by including free samples of outstanding products with every order. We know everyone enjoys free stuff (especially when that stuff can make you look and feel even better), so below are the details of our sampling program.

It's All in the Details...

Getting free samples is the best way to try new products without breaking the bank. That's why we include a few (typically three) free sample-sized products in every order. Please note that we can only include free samples in conjunction with a Groominglounge.com purchase and we do not include samples with gift card only purchases.

Taking Requests?

If you have a specific product or type of product that you’d like to try before purchasing, we want to hear about it and will do our best to include said sample with your order. But, we can’t make any promises as sample supplies are subject to many factors that are out of our control. To request something specific, just jot us a note in the Comments Box before placing an order.

Please know that specific samples are always based on availability and certain types of products samples are hard to come by. In short, if you ask for it and we have it, we’ll 100% include it. And, if we don’t have a specific one but do have something pretty darn close, we’ll drop one of those in instead.

Making Scents

If there’s one sample request we get most often, it's for fragrances. Unfortunately, fragrance samples are not readily available. Thus, if you've got a hankering for a specific scent, we suggest purchasing a Travalo Travel Fragrance Refill Spray Container and simply asking in the comments box for us to fill it with the cologne of your choosing. The Travalo is a traveling fragrance tool and we will fill it for free -- this way you get an awesome tool that you’ll actually use and get a much larger sample size sans shelling out the big bucks.

Grooming Lounge Branded Samples

If you haven’t had a chance to try out our own line of Barber-created and tested solutions, we highly recommend you do. Your handsomeness may depend on it. We have most of our Grooming Lounge Solutions available for sampling, so if you want to try our award-winning line, just leave a comment saying so. All of the Grooming Lounge Products listed are below available for sampling:

GL samples:




  Shave Cream   Shave Irritation     Post Shave        Beard Lotion


Hair Care:


   Shampoo        Conditioner        Hair Cream    Hair Goop         Hair Stuff


Skin Care:


Face Wash          Face Scrub           Moisturizer



Body Care:


Body Wash