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Moisturizers For Dummies



It’s the foundation of any respectable grooming routine, but still far too many men bypass regular use of a facial moisturizer. While much of this neglect can be attributed to an ignorance of the benefits (hydration, skin cell regeneration, healing, wrinkle prevention and improved shaves), a larger segment is simply overwhelmed by the vast array of options available.

The below should break things down a bit to outline the different types of moisturizers and the skin types/challenges they best serve.



Since wearing a product with a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) daily is recommended, many men like to “kill two birds with one stone” by using a moisturizer containing an SPF. This type of combination product is even more appealing when realizing that premature aging (wrinkles, brown spots and such) is more prevalent in those who don’t protect their skin from environmental factors like the sun. Yes, even when it’s cloudy outside, the sun can still do damage and thus, a product with an SPF of 15 should be used daily no matter the weather.                                 


Oil-Free Moisturizers

Although it’s natural and healthy for skin to produce oil, there are some whose skin is too generous and produces oil beyond what is required or looks normal. Many men have skin that continues to produce excess oil beyond their adolescent years, forcing them to battle greasiness and such well into maturity. For those whose oil issues are more a result of external stressors like UV rays or air dryness, oil-free moisturizers can add and retain proper moisture levels via non-oily ingredients that deliver appropriate levels of protection and balance. 


Oil-Control/Anti-Shine Moisturizers

For men whose skin produces excess sebum (which makes their dermis feel and look oily and greasy), an oil-control moisturizer is the proper call. Quality moisturizers of this ilk not only keep skin supple and hydrated, they also “soak up” excess oil and help reduce shine in one fell swoop. In addition to using such an absorbing moisturizer, oily skin owners should also avoid over-cleansing, aggressive zit-popping or consumption of greasy foods.



For the man who requires more than just a cup of coffee to get going, energizing moisturizers offer an extra boost. These self-starters are infused with antioxidants, blood circulation enhancers, and most importantly, loads of caffeine. Such ingredients unite to tighten skin, erase signs of fatigue and create a generally healthier complexion. A great option for faces whose owners took them out too late or had a few too many PBR’s.


Anti-Aging Moisturizers/Night Creams

Nothing’s going to stop a man from aging – but that doesn’t mean dermis has to look as old as its owner. Prevent wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots and other unsightly skin formations via the regular use of an anti-aging skin moisturizer. Developed in varieties that are for both one-shot and ongoing use, these moisturizers are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and free radical fighting ingredients that aim to stop the clock or at least slow it down.

One subsection of anti-aging moisturizers, night creams are essential as they aid the skin’s natural recovery process while you snooze. Sleeping gives the body and dermis time to recover after a long day of exposure to sun, dirt and other stresses. These moisturizers provide crucial ingredients and of course tons of moisture to help facilitate the healing process.