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Tips + Tools For Hand And Nail Care


Hands say a lot about a man. Sure they’re not the first thing folks notice, but they’re usually the initial part people come into actual contact with. And whether shaking, high-fiving or caressing, it’s beyond important they communicate the right message.

Well-groomed hands can be achieved in a number of ways, chief amongst them being regular professional or at-home manicures. No matter what route one goes, two daily action items are essential to maintain mitt integrity:





Just like the face, hands need to be regularly cleansed to remove grit and grime. An added item that necessitates washing is the need to eliminate the pesky germs and more that lead to infection, etc. Quality hand washes are recommended for use and are usually less drying and harsh than regular soap.



Hands take a pounding, whether via hard work or the elements. Restore the vital nutrients hands need to stay healthy and looking good by generously applying a quality hand cream several times a day. Nobody wants to look at or shake “alligator hands.”

Should a professional manicure be too much to “hand-le,” simply bolt the door and do it yourself at home. Here’s how:


  • WASH & SOFTEN UP: Start out by washing your hands with a quality hand wash to disinfect and remove grit and grime. Then, soak both hands in a bowl of warm water to soften the nails and nail beds.
  • GET UNDER THERE: Clean underneath each nail with a high-end file to remove the jammed- in dirt and slime that just ain’t attractive or sanitary. Quickly wash hands again.
  • GIVE EM’ A TRIM: Individually trim each nail with a strong, durable trimmer, starting each nail in the middle and then rounding off to the sides. It’s ideal to leave a thin, white strip on the end of each nail.
  • BE SMOOTH: Smooth the edge of each nail using a nail fileor emery board. Go one way with the file, not back and forth like a saw. This will smooth the surface and leave nails with a touch of shine.
  • GET CREAMED: Seal the deal by massaging a moisturizing hand cream all over hands and wrists.
  • BE PREPARED: Grab all your nail care tools in one set to save some cash and keep them all in one convenient, harder-to-lose pouch. 


Q: Why should a man take good care of his hands?
A: Hands say a lot about a man. Sure they might not be the primary thing folks notice, but they’re usually the first part people come into contact with. And whether shaking, high-fiving or caressing, it’s beyond important they communicate the right message about a guy’s grooming standards.

Q: What should a gentlemanly pair of hands look like?
A: Clean (no dirt or grime), moisturized (no flakes or alligator skin) and with trimmed and well-manicured nails (rounded edges with a thin strip of white at the end).

Q: How can a man achieve solid-looking hands?
A: A regular schedule of professional or at-home manicures will usually do the trick. However, either route requires some in-between maintenance, including ongoing cleansing and moisturizing.

Q: When trimming nails, how much white should be left on the ends?
A: An extra-thin white strip is ideal. Not much more we can say about that.

Q: What is a cuticle and how should it be cared for?
A: The cuticle is a thin strip of skin at the base of each nail which serves as a barrier to prevent bacteria from entering the finger. Cuticles should only be cut by professionals or with targeted cuticle trimmers and should otherwise be pushed back utilizing cuticle oil and a cuticle-type stick.

Q: What is a hang nail and how can it be eliminated?
A: That annoying piece of skin/nail sticking out to the side of your finger that catches on everything -- that’s a hang nail. While very tempting to bite off, it’s not a good idea as excess skin could come off with it and lead to more pain and an infection. Instead, hang nails should be banished via a pair of clean nail scissors or cuticle clippers.

Q: Does it make a man a wuss to get a professional manicure?
A: We sure as hell hope not and certainly don’t think so. It’s a fact that Al Capone and John Wayne used to get regular hand treatments. If those guys were wusses, count us as the same.

Q: How do I stop biting my nails?
A: Nail biting is a common oral compulsive habit. Aside from leaving nails looking and feeling ravaged, it can lead to infection on both the nails and in your mouth (think of all the things hands touch during the day). To curb this nasty routine…

  • Look for and utilize hand creams or liquid treatments containing denatonium benzoate, brand names Bitrex or Aversion. It’s a bitter tasting ingredient that is meant to discourage nail biting.
  • Make a point to take care of your nails. Once nails are looking good, it’s much easier and more motivating to keep them looking that way.

Q: Should a man’s nails be shiny?
A: Touch of shine = OK. Lots of shine = Creepy. The best way to get that touch o’ shine is a combination of a quality hand and nail cream and the use of a “buffing block,” which are standard for any professional manicurist and can be picked up for at-home use at pretty much any drug store. As with select other items, this isn’t one to “chat up” with the fellas.