Omega Shave Cream and Boar Bristle Brush with Stand Kit - 46065

Perfect for those that don’t want to splurge on a badger, red-handled boar brush ensures a smooth and bump-free shaving experience.


Nicknamed the Pro 46, red-handled boar brush is perfect for those that want a luxurious addition to their shaving collection without the hefty price tag. Long and stiff, but gentle boar bristles work into skin to lift hairs, creating a lather for smooth, happy skin. Sturdy handle has a comfortable grip and allows for more control over the direction of bristles. Made in Italy, Omega delivers one of the best boar brushes on the market.

Height: 5.3’’ (133 mm)
Loft: 2.76’’ (70 mm)
Handle: 2.56’’ (65 mm)
Knot: 1.1’’ (28 mm)

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