Lab Series Pro LS All-In-One Cleansing Gel

A refreshing, uber-gentle do-it-all daily face wash gel deep cleanses and revitalizes the mug without disturbing pH balance or drying out the skin.

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Refreshing. Check. Soft on skin. Check. Non-drying. Check. Balancing. Check. Getting the point yet… this face wash does it all and is a must-have. Uber-refreshing gel feels cool on contact and provides an amazing lather so you know it’s working hard. With its enzymatic action, the face wash powers through even the toughest beards to go beyond the surface layer of skin for a deep clean that doesn’t disturb the mug’s natural pH balance or over dry the skin. Nourishing ingredients soothe the skin to leave it smooth and fully hydrated. Comes in a slick blue tube for added kicks too. The only thing the wash doesn’t do is your laundry.

Size: 5 oz.
Skin Type: All.
To Use: Morning and night, massage over wet face in circular motions with fingertips. Avoid the eye area. Rinse, and pat skin dry.

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