Kiehl's Eye Alert

Energy-boosting gel is akin to a shot of espresso for fatigued, puffy lookin' peepers.

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The ultimate solution for eye-area fatigue and dehydration, cooling gel immediately perks up pooped peepers for comfort and a renewed appearance. A thriving mix of botanicals like cooling Cucumber and Alfalfa extract soothe moisture-deprived skin to soften visible fine lines, reduce puffiness and turn back the clock. Meanwhile, Vitamin E and Caffeine throw a pep rally for tired, worn-out skin cells to revive and brighten areas still recovering from one too many rounds of Jagermeister. With regular use, delicate skin under eyes will appear stronger and have a significantly more youthful complexion.

Size: 0.5 oz.
Skin Type: All
Key Ingredients: Cucumber Extract, Alfalfa Extract, Vitamin E & Caffeine
To Use: Gently pat gel around the eyes using ring finger. Apply morning and night or as needed.

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