Enjoy Three Of Grooming Lounge's Most-Popular Products -- our Award-Winning Black Pepper Body Wash, Barber-Created & Peppermint-Scented The Best Shampoo and our daily-staple, Mug Cleaner Face Wash for only $25 (normally $61!).
That's 60% off when you use code: TMF40

**Please note that because of massive demand, we have limited supply of our Greatest Pits Deodorant, so we have substituted the fabulous and equally valuable Mug Cleaner Face Wash.



Great grooming offers like this don't come along very often... or ever. We've partnered with Jose from Teaching Men's Fashion (TMF) for a limited-time, kinda'-insane special on our Top Three Grooming Lounge Products.

This trio of handsomeness and confidence-enhancing products normally sells for $61, but we're offering them to TMF viewers for just $25. That's $41 off -- 60%.

Just make sure to use code: TMF40

Sorry, this does not include free shipping, but if you spend over $49 (after applying coupon) you always get free shipping. One per customer only.

What do you get for $25?

Grooming Lounge Our Best Smeller Body Wash is our top-selling product, featuring a ridiculously great Black Pepper scent. It's got a perfect lather quotient and a scent that stays on skin throughout the day. It also boasts ingredients that leave the body super clean, moisturized and alert. More than 100 men just like you have given it 5-star reviews.

Grooming Lounge The Best Shampoo is a tried and true daily shampoo with a sublime mint scent that delivers a bunch of healthy nutrients to the hair. We use this same shampoo in our hair services in our Barbershops hundreds of times daily. Gents love it and the 115+ 5-star reviews prove it.

Grooming Lounge Mug Cleaner Face Wash is an ideal everyday face cleanser is perfectly designed to remove grit and grime while preparing faces and whiskers for superior shaves and days. Non-drying, super soothing and great smelling.

*Please note that because of massive demand, we ran out of stock of our Greatest Pits Deodorant, so have substituted the fabulous and equally valuable Mug Cleaner Face Wash.

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