How To Shave Your Head Smoothly And Comfortably


Clean-shaven, thoroughly “scalped” heads have been around for centuries, but until Michael Jordan won championships and Bruce Willis began tracking bad guys, the look veered more taboo than “tough guy.” Fortunately, the clean-shaven look has conquered the comb-over as the style for gents with little coverage—and the look has now even extended to the follicly blessed. It feels great, is low maintenance and trims a few milliseconds from any 100 yard butterfly.

Whatever the reason for shaving it all off, here are some tips for getting a great head shave and maintaining a naked dome:


Spend some extra time around ears and on the neck, making several razor passes to eliminate nasty stragglers.


Shaving a head is very similar to shaving a face, with plenty of warm water and great shaving solutions required. A shower is the best place to start, but if one can’t be located, soak a small towel in hot water and apply to your head. The softer the hair, the less pressure need be applied and the less chance of nasty, noticeable cuts.

Always make sure hair on top is stubble at most, as any longer amounts could cause razor-clogging and pain. If longer hair is present, begin by “stubbling” it via a quality electric trimmer.


The Tools: While some are partial to a Mach3 blade, there are newer and sleeker tools specifically designed for head shaving. From ergonomic handles to easier grips, these products allow deft maneuvering around all kinds of domes. A targeted tool is worth the investment if head shaving is going to be a daily task.

The Products: Just like when shaving a beard, adding generous amounts of shave oil and shave cream are essential. Use lightweight and fragrance-free products, as something with “heavier” filler can stick around and cause oiliness.

The Steps: Apply shave oil first, topping it off with a low-lather cream or gel. Then, always begin by shaving in the direction of hair growth (not always straight back). Try and save the thicker patches (such as the coarse hair on the back of the head) for later as this will provide more time for the skin and hair to soften up. End it all with a soothing balm to prevent breakouts or noticeable redness.


Maintaining a neat and clean-shaven head isn’t hard – it just requires the proper balance. Remember that shaving this area means intense exfoliation for skin that normally doesn't get much, so take your time and use the right treatments afterward. Follow these tips to show off that neat noggin: