Guide To Molton Brown Body Washes

In baseball it’s the Yankees, in music it’s the Beatles and in body washes one need look no further than Molton Brown.

Born in London, Molton Brown’s reputation as the premiere concoctor of amazingly unique shower cleansers is well deserved. Luxuriously designed to calm, relax, pamper and clean, each Body Wash indulges the mind, body and spirit. Read on to discover what makes each product unique and which wash is ideal for you.


Pick your own set of 4 Molton Brown Body Washes and save some serious dougeh in the process.

Warm / Spicy

Black Peppercorn

Best-selling wash is a spicy, warm infusion of Black Pepper Oil & friends guaranteed to attract attention.

Pink Pepperpod

Pink wash features “Grains of Paradise” and adds warming Ginger and Patchouli for a hint of exotic luxury.

Suma Ginseng

Ginseng Root, Juniper and Cinnamon blend for an energizing scent that’s a perfect start to any morning routine.


Spicy Ginger and Cedar combine to increase circulation and revitalize skin, while Amanu Nut Oil provides moisture.

Cool / Citrus

Water Mint

Buchu Fruit combines with Water Mint and Tangerine for a wash that leaves a guy with ice water in his veins.

Japanese Orange

Exotic formula provides a shot of vital energy to the senses while cleansing and hydrating the skin.


Clean, classic citrus scent loaded with rich Bergamot and Orange Blossom revitalize via vitamins A, B and C.

Floral / Fruity


Muscle-soothing wash blends warming Eucalyptus, Menthol and a hint of Rosemary for a massaging scent.

Coco & Sandalwood

Subtly scented with Honey, Coconut and Tonka Beans for an uber-gentle and refreshing cleanse.

White Sandalwood

Soothing Cempaka (White Sandalwood) and Violet Leaves shake off jet lag faster than a cup of coffee.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang blends with sweet Vanilla for a uniquely peaceful and relaxing shower experience.


Laotian Templetree Flower, Jasmine and Sandalwood combine to de-stress and induce bliss on the skin and soul.

Earthy / Woody


Hydrating blend of Horse Chestnut and Marine extracts leave skin smooth and refreshingly scented.

Silver Birch

Fresh woodsy fragrance combining Silverbirch (Pine), Cardamom and Cedarwood is an outdoorsy-fellas favorite.