Molton Brown Body Washes - Describing The Unique Scent Of Their Men's Shower Gels

Founded in London, Molton Brown is a world-renowned brand buoyed by their premiere lineup of men's body washes and shower gels. Since the company's inception in 1971, Molton Brown's luxurious body cleansers and more have been introduced to thousands via their placements in prestige hotels and airline lounge's throughout Europe, North America and beyond. Known for their unique scents and appealing packaging, Molton Brown utilizes exotic, natural ingredients from every corner of the world to deliver unbeatable men's scents in cleansers that leave the skin smooth, hydrated and smelling irresistible.


The Pick 4 Molton Brown Body Wash Set allows you to mix and match; choose any Molton Brown body wash scents and save money in the process.

Warm and Spicy Body Washes

A spicy or warm body wash has a dark, masculine allure reminiscent of a crackling fire or smooth glass of whiskey. The mature fragrances that Molton Brown has perfected over the decades tantalize the nostrils with their spice, before settling into a luxurious, calming aroma.

Headlining Molton Brown's signature line of dark-scented shower gels is their signature, best-selling Black Peppercorn wash, aptly titled, Re-Charge Black Pepper Body Wash. The Tobacco Absolute uses a blend of Citrus, Leather, Wood and Tobacco notes for an addicting wash that smells nothing like cigarettes. Oudh Accord is like liquid gold, blending Oudh Oil with real gold flakes, Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Elemi Oil for a dark, sophisticated scent. Rounding out this group is Russian Leather, a mixture of Siberian Pine Oil and Black Tea that leads to a mysteriously dark, bold body wash experience.

Earthy and Woodsy Body Washes

A call to the wild and the great outdoors, these woodsy men's body wash scents are known for their fresh, green and natural aromas that leave a man smelling like a man. Warm, earthy notes of Sandalwood, Patchouli Oil and Green Mint blend in harmoniously with ingredients that soothe sensitive skin.

Down to Earth, men's daily body wash line is led by the Eucalyptus Oil-infused shower gel that soothes and massages achy, sore muscles. CoCo & Sandalwood Oil is a smooth body wash blending Honey, Tonka Beans and Coconut Cream for a hydrating cleanser. Coastal Cypress and Sea Fennel is blended with Sea Salt and Cardamon that are reminiscent of a cool breeze and beach smell. Geranium Neferentum is charged with Geranium Oil for a nutrient rich, naturally scented body wash with a minty fresh accent.

Cool and Citrus Body Washes

Molton Brown's selection of cool, citrus-scented body washes are light, tangy and fresh aromas that boast an uplifting kick of sweetness. Ideal for warmer weather, these shower gels blend naturally with the body's chemistry, without overpowering the senses. The results are a sweet, invigorating boost to any daily shower.

While these clear bottles all look similarly beautiful, the unique ingredients formulated for all skin types make each of these bath and body washes irresistible. Bursting Caju & Lime smells as good as it looks, mixing Lime, Lemon and Cedarwood Oil for a refreshing body wash with a vivacious scent. Vetiver and Grapefruit brings a Carribean flair to your shower. This tropically inspired body wash easily works into a lather, filling your bathroom with an unbeatable Haitian Vetiver smell, enhanced with Cedarwood and Grapefruit Oil. Orange Bergamot (occasionally referred to as Bergamont) is led by sweet Orange Blossom and Neroli Oil for a lasting clean, fresh scent. Last but not least, Bushukan Bath and Shower Gel is a nutrient rich, deep cleansing wash that balances sweet, citrusy notes of Bushukan with spicy Black Pepper for a complex, energizing shower experience.

  • Molton Brown Bushukan Bath & Shower Gel
      Molton Brown Bushukan Bath & Shower Gel

    Uplifting, citrus-scented wash creates a rich lather that invigorates the senses and jump starts a dude's day. Formerly the Fresh Bushukan Citrus Body Wash.

  • Molton Brown Orange Bergamot Bath & Shower Gel
      Molton Brown Orange Bergamot Bath & Shower Gel

    Zesty, citrus-scented gel revitalizes skin and gets gents classically clean.

  • Molton Brown Bursting Caju & Lime Bath & Shower Gel
      Molton Brown Bursting Caju & Lime Bath & Shower Gel

    Experience the energy of Carnaval with this wildly refreshing body wash infused with moisture beads and Caju Fruit for a citrusy-lime scent that smells as fun as it looks.

  • Molton Brown Vetiver & Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel
      Molton Brown Vetiver & Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel

    The latest classic from the famed Molton Brown Shower Gel collection, citrus-infused body cleanser invigorates skin, lathers like a boss and includes an unforgettable aromatic combo of warm Vetiver and bold Grapefruit.


Floral and Fruity Body Washes

Despite the floral, sweet scents of these body washes, they are consistently a hit with men and those who stand close to them. Similar to Molton Brown's woodsy line, these fruitier body washes blend natural fragrances, but add light, crisp notes with a smooth, flowery finish.

The sweet aromas of these body washes are reminiscent of a fresh garden. Rich Ylang Ylang Body Wash shows off a mesmerizing purple color, featuring a sweet Vanilla scent and a calming, gentle formula that relieves stress and soothes sensitive skin. Rosa Absolute is led by Rose Oil, for a boldly masculine, Italian scent with a warm, deep, musky smell and flowery finish of Black Currant Oil, Geranium and Patchouli.