Glyder Styptic Balm

Innovative styptic balm loaded with therapeutic ingredients is a huge upgrade over traditional styptic pencils or alum blocks. Chapstick-esque tube makes application a breeze while it helps to seal and heal shaving nicks in a jiffy.
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Let’s face it guys, no matter how skilled you are with a razor, nicks and cuts are going to happen. Instead of walking around with toilet paper clinging to your face, grab the best blood stopper on the market with the revolutionary Glyder Styptic Balm. At this point, you’re probably asking, ‘What’s a styptic balm/pencil?’ Good question… let us google it too. Just kidding. Styptic balms/pencils work by contracting tissue to facilitate platelet plugging and sealing injured blood vessels. In English, they stop the bleeding fast from a cut and have ingredients to quickly help heal the skin too. Glyder uses a non-alcoholic formula with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Argan Oil to naturally soothe shaving slip-ups without painful stinging. Until now, these nifty skin-savers were only available as messy, chalky sticks/pencils. Glyder said to hell with that and upgraded every aspect of the traditional styptic pencil into a conveniently sized retractable chap-stick tube making it beyond-easy to apply and take anywhere in case of an emergency shave gone wrong. Leave the toilet paper where it belongs and shave with confidence knowing you’re using only the best. Patent-pending. Made in America.

To Use: Moisten tip of balm with water. Dab on affected areas. Rinse and dry after each use.

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