Heather's Tips On Style And Accessories For Guys


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In this video, Michael Gilman, founder of Grooming Lounge – the top men’s online grooming and shaving website – talks with publicity and fashion expert, Heather Menis, on tips for style and accessories for guys.
Tip #1
You should be getting alterations on everything you buy, besides t-shirts and shorts, but especially for business formal attire. Clothes that fit to your body look better on your body.
Tip #2
Keep it simple. Don’t overdue jewelry and accessories. The golden rule for jewelry is a maximum of two pieces for men.
Tip #3
Never go shopping alone. Another person can help give you tips and get you out of your comfort zone, which can ultimately help diversify your wardrobe.
Tip #4
Invest in shoes and watches. They help spice up that boring suit by giving your outfit your own personal touch. Watches and shoes show your personal flare and they are the first things people notice when looking at your outfit.
Tip #5
Don’t be a walking billboard. Logos are good an all but don’t overdo it on your clothing because it can look sloppy and unprofessional. These five tips should not be taken lightly. Your style and accessories represent your personal brand so show off your best self by looking your best.