Grooming Lounge Barber Approved Solutions

Grooming Lounge is the premier site for men's skin care, men's shaving & men's hair care products. We offer the widest selection of premium men's brands from Jack Black to Molton Brown to Acqua di Parma to Kiehl's, including our own award-winning shave & hair care solutions. Whether you're looking for a new skin care regimen or need some grooming advice, our years of expertise via our famous barbershops is unmatched and we're here to help guys feel and look more handsome.
Our Best Products:
The Shavior: The Shavior provides noticeable relief from razor irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs and can be used as either a spot treatment or aftershave supplement.
Beard Master Shave Oil: Winner of both a Men's Health Grooming Award & Grooming Lounge Handsome Award, revolutionary shave oil saves skin by ensuring best-yet razor glide and irritation-free shaves.
Super Powder: Light and fresh talcum powder keeps all of a man’s parts comfortable and dry. Barber-approved formula absorbs sweat, reduces friction and keeps odors away.
The Best Shampoo: The best daily-use shampoo... period. Cleanses, thickens and balances hair with tingle to spare.
You Need Conditioner: Yes... men do need to use conditioner daily. Do-it-all number softens, moisturizes, and adds volume.