3 Major Steps To Perfect Skin

Master Skincare expert at the Grooming Lounge, Claudia Duran, talks about the three most important steps to take better care of your skin.
Step #1
Use a Facial Cleanser. A better option than hair-laden bar soaps, targeted facial cleansers are a must-have to keep men's face's clean, healthy and looking sharp. Gentle face washes rid the dermis of daily grime without irritating skin -- while deep-diving cleansers go below the skin's surface to unclog pores and remove excess oil.
Step #2
Moisturize. Men's moisturizers replenish and rejuvenate skin to facilitate a healthier-looking, less wrinkly and itchy-feeling complexion. Some important and distinguishing features to consider include anti-aging, oil-free, anti-shine/oil control and of course, SPF.
Step #3
Use a facial Scrub. Men’s facial scrubs (or exfoliators) provide a deeper level of cleansing than face washes. Scrubs rid the face of dead skin, unclog pores, smooth fine lines, improve texture/tone and help uproot ingrown hairs. They can be gentle or aggressive depending on their grittiness and should generally be used a few times a week.
Remember, cleanse in the morning and night, moisturize in the morning and night, and scrub twice a week either morning or night. It’s so easy you can definitely do it!