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After years of trial and error and pestering men with questions, the Grooming Guys can confidently declare that for most -- shaving with a blade is a more efficient and irritation-free option than removing whiskers via electric razor. This being said, there is a substantial minority out there that support the electric movement and enjoy shaving with a buzzer. Whatever the preference, here are some pros and cons for shaving with a plug-in and some suggestions should one go the electric route.


Despite much thought to the contrary, electric razors were NOT designed to be used white operating a moving vehicle.



  1. Quality models can easily glide over the skin.
  2. They are perfect for those with very light growth and regrowth.
  3. Cordless models are ideal for travel.
  4. As a general rule, they make less of a mess than the tools and goops required to get a quality blade shave.
  5. There is no need to purchase additional cartridges.


  1. They often leave behind small patches of hair in hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Electric shaving often dries out the skin and encourages rashes.
  3. Most are not very effective on heavier-beard types.


  1. TIME TABLE: Before you venture into electric territory, it’s important to know that faces will take 2 weeks to totally adjust to using such a tool. During this period, the oils on the face will blend with the oils on the shaver to achieve optimum smoothness. If giving electric a shot, it’s imperative to stick with it for a few weeks in order to reap long-term benefits.
  2. CLEANSE THAT MUG: Just like when using a blade, it’s important to give an electric a clean surface to work with. To make this happen, be sure to cleanse the face prior to shaving with a gentle facial cleanser. Such cleansing will remove impurities and soften facial hair.
  3. DA GRAIN, DA GRAIN: Whether your facial hair is straight, curly or coarse, learn what direction your hair grows in by rubbing your hand over your face. Then, gently pull the skin away from the face and shave against the direction of growth. If you opt for a rotary razor, make circle motions with the shaver head across your face.
  4. GOOP CAN STILL HELP: While not as product- intensive as shaving with a blade, there are some products available to improve the effectiveness of an electric shaver. These products are applied to the face just prior to shaving and help ensure a smooth experience.

Of course, it is important to remember that following a solid skincare routine is the key to maintaining healthy skin no matter what type of shaver you use.

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