Duke Cannon Supply Co. Big Ass Brick of Soap - White (Mint)

King-sized brick of soap is big enough to fracture a foot, yet gentle enough to keep a man smelling fresh all day long.

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*Winner of 2013 GL Handsome Award*

Badass brick of soap stands proudly in a shower like a Stonehenge of cleanliness. Reminiscent of those issued to GI’s back in the day, 3/4 pound block of soap says sayonara to sub-par body washes or chick-sized body bars. Imbedded with steel-cut grains for maximum gripability (insert your own dropping the soap joke here) and extra scrubbing power to keep a guy clean from head to toe. Comes in three great fragrances— Mint, Bergamot and Black Pepper or Coriander and Musk. We promise you won’t get sick of either by the time these suckers are gone... and they last forever too.

Size: 3/4 Pound
Skin Type: All
Fragrance: Mint, Black (Bergamot and Black Pepper) or Green (Coriander and Musk)
To Use: Rub bar between hands to create a lather. Apply to body as needed.

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