Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick Soap - Fresh Cut Pine

Smell mother nature at its finest with this monster-sized body bar that includes the invigorating fresh scent of split pine.

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Take a deep breath... nothing smells better than mother nature. Inspired by the lush green wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, this manly body bar lets you experience the invigorating scent of fresh split pine. You’ll smell like a big pine cone and love every minute of it while getting ready for the hard-working day ahead. Body bar is reminiscent of those issued to GI’s back in the day, 3/4 pound block of soap bar says sayonara to sub-par body washes or chick-sized body bars. Imbedded with steel-cut grains for maximum gripability and extra scrubbing power to keep a guy clean from head to toe.

Size: 10 oz.
Skin Type: All
Scent: Fresh Pine
To Use: Rub giant bar of soap over any place that stinks.

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