Duke Cannon News Anchor 2-in-1 Hair Wash Tea Tree Formula

Shampoo and conditioner combo is packed with proteins that cleanse, strengthen and thicken hair.

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Two-in-one daily cleansing and conditioning hair wash packs tons of strand-strengthening Protein, conditioning Vitamin B5 and enough Menthol and Tea Tree Oil to snap a guy out of a morning stupor. Boasts a nice tingle sans any harsh sulfates or parabens. There are three things Duke Cannon is not OK with: inferior-quality grooming products, wasting time and communism. This formula covers two of the three... and is still working hard on the later.

Size: 10 oz.
Key Ingredients: Protein, Vitamin E & B5 & Tea Tree Oil
Fragrance: Tea Tree
To Use: Lather. Rinse. Go out and kick ass.

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