DS Laboratories Dandrene Anti-Dandruff Conditioner

Advanced flake inhibitor is loaded with regenerative ingredients to gently cleanse and heal the scalp irritation that leads to unwanted dandruff.

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Ridiculously potent daily conditioner successfully treats dandruff caused by an irritated scalp. Optimized via years of scientific research to bounce flakes for good, conditioner inhibits dandruff growth, clears out the cause of flakes (excess oils and fungi) and delivers a powerful cocktail of vitamins and nutrients to repair and replenish both hair and scalp. Dandrene deploys effective anti-fungal agents like Climbazole (it's real, we Googled it) and a heaping of Pomegranate Extract, known for its natural antioxidant and regenerative powers. For discerning dandruff-sufferers plagued by irritated, itchy and oily scalps - Dandrene is truly a life-saver.

Size: 7 oz.
Hair Type: Dry, Oily
Key Ingredients: Pomegranate Extract, Climbazole & Seboregulating Complex
To Use: Apply to wet hair and massage into scalp and hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if needed or desired for maximum dandruff protection. For best results, use DS Labs Dandrene Shampoo first.

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