Dovo Shavette, Silver With Black Handle - 201081

Barbershop-quality shavette razor with a black handle takes straight razor shaving to the next level without the hassle of strapping and honing blades.



The Dovo Shavette has a stainless steel exterior with a stunning black finished handle that looks great, but works even better. The shavette razor allows open razor fans to experience the classic and traditional way of straight razor shaving without the inconvenience of sharpening the blades. All one needs are half blades or double edge blades snapped in half to shave away. Get an amazing, irritation free, close shave with this well-balanced razor emblazoned with the classic Dovo logo. Made in Solingen, Germany

Length:5 1/4"
Razor Type: Straight
Weight: .5 oz.

Blade Type: Half Blades or Double-Edge Blades snapped in half

Items included in package:
1 Dovo Shavette
1 Red Holder (use with standard double-edge blades snapped in half)
1 Black Holder (use with Shavette long blades snapped in half)

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