Men's Hair Removal Tools are exactly what they sound like -- tools that remove hair from areas it's unwelcome. This includes back shavers, nose hair trimmers, beard trimmers, scissors and beyond. If you've got a bit of excess hair in all the wrong places -- back, nose, ears, neck or those privates -- these men's hair removal tools will get the job done and boost your confidence big-time.
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Hair Removal Tips & Advice

Excessive hair sprouting from ears, nose and back can be off-putting and embarrassing. Luckily, our hair removal section is an all-star lineup of tools masterly crafted to take care of your unwanted hair. Within this section we have both battery-powered and traditional hair trimmers to solve any potential issue. Our top choice is the Bakblade “Big Mouth” Back Shaver, which is a long-handled manual razor that cuts through hair with ease in or out of the shower. If you happen to have longer or thicker hair, we recommend trimming it first with an electric razor, such as the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer & Trimmer, so that the Bakblade cartridge does not clog.