The best beard and mustache products for men to grow, maintain and style their scruff. Beards are a big deal now—and so are great men’s beard grooming products to take care of those beards. Shop this category for the best beard care and maintenance, including beard oils, beard washes, beard balms, beard brushes and beard kits.
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While seemingly low maintenance, the best-groomed beards require some TLC. A beard typically has three stages to its life cycle. Numero uno is the stubble stage. From the get go, stubble needs to be washed regularly with a quality cleanser to remove dirt and oil underneath the growth so that the hair may grow in healthily and comfortably (synonym for “itch-free”).

The scratchiness phase begins after a week or two when real growth starts becoming noticeable. As the hair grows every which way tickling the skin and causing itching and scratching, this is when most men give up on their beard. The key to powering through the awkward teenage years of your beard is to keep it clean and hydrated – use a beard wash and beard balm/lotion in order to keep hair soft and well-nourished to avoid the dreaded discomfort. We strongly recommend grabbing our Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce Beard Lotion

Once you’ve made it past the point of itchiness you are onto the final maintenance stage! Whether you plan on keeping it relatively tight, or going all-in on the Duck Dynasty style, investing in a beard styling wax, beard trimmer, beard oil, comb and scissors will keep you on the right track for a clean, stylish beard.

We have a wide range of men’s beard grooming products to take care of your facial friend, including beard washes, balms, oils and combs. If you’re looking for our top beard picks, check out our best sellers, which our guests have deemed the top choices for beard care and maintenance.


With beards being so much coarser and thicker than the mop on top, an extra level of care is necessary to keep facial foliage happy, soft and well-nourished. Using a beard oil is the best way to improve the feel and appearance of beards while keeping them itch, flake and split-end free.

The best practice to applying beard oil is after a hot shower while the pores are still open and the face is extra clean. The amount of beard oil applied depends on how much ‘beard-estate’ one has. The longer the beard is the more product you’ll need to use to penetrate down to the follicles. So, for simple stubble, 1 drop will do while heavy beards can use 5+ drops.


The two key men’s beard grooming products for proper beard care and maintenance are beard washes and beard balms. Beard washes penetrate even the thickest of beards to clear away deep-rooted dirt, oil and leftovers so that the skin underneath doesn't get infected/broken out. Our go-to beard wash is Bluebeard's Original Beard Wash.

Beard balms tackle the two main struggles with growing a beard. First, it hydrates the coarse facial hair and underlying skin for a softer beard with less itching and flakiness. Additionally, it's essentially a “pomade” or scented lotion that allows you to shape and style your beard for a more well-kempt look. Our favorite beard balm is our Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce.


The key to great looking scruff is how to properly trim a beard and shape it up to avoid the Bohemian/caveman look. Depending on your head and face shape, certain beard styles will look better than others. For more information on the different beard styles for each facial structure, check out this advice articlefrom our grooming experts. Once you know what style you’re going for, the Merkur 907 Detailing Razorand Phillips Norelco 7200 Vacuum Beardtrimmer Pro are the perfect 1-2 punch for trimming the length and managing stray hair growth on the cheeks and neck to achieve a more well-kempt appearance.

Kits make for a perfect gift, as they are the complete package for total beard care and maintenance. Our best kit is the Ultimate Beard Maintenance Kit, which has a beard wash, balm and oil to cleanse the beard, as well as a comb to tame unruly hairs.


Building your own set is a great way to practice beard care and maintenance. The customizable kithas every category previously mentioned to provide exactly what you want for your own ultimate lineup of men’s beard grooming products and tools.

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