Build Your Own Beard Maintenance Kit

Create your very own, 100%-customizable beard maintenance kit to keep your facial foliage (no matter the stage of growth) in great shape. Bevy of options make it perfect for all types of facial foliage endeavors.

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Create your own, totally customizable beard care kit. Variety of options make it perfect for all types of beards and stages of facial foliage growth. Makes for a perfect gift for yourself or the bearded ones in your life. Just select which beard items to include and we'll pack it up in a nifty, blue Grooming Lounge box. To help make things easier, our favorites are marked with three stars*** -- but a gent can't go wrong with any of these options.

A quality beard care set up will include any of the beard washes below to clean out the beard, beard conditioners/beard oils (or both) to moisturize, some kind of beard comb or beard brush to keep things in pace and lastly a trimming or upkeep tool.

Bluebeards Beard Wash - 4 oz.***
Billy Jealousy Beard Wash - 8 oz.
Bluebeards Beard Wash - Fresh Mint 8 oz.

Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce
Bluebeards Fresh Mint Beard Conditioner
Bluebeards Beard Saver - Original***

Proraso Beard Oil
Jack Black Beard Oil
Bluebeards Original Citrus Cove Beard Oil
Beardbrand Tree Ranger Oil***

Grooming Lounge Beard & Stache Comb***
Kent 81T Stache & Beard Comb
Bluebeards Beard Brush

The Soft Goat Scruff & Goatee Softener
Tweezerman Moustache Scissors & Comb
Merkur 907 Detailing Beard & Mustache Razor***
Philips Norelco QT4070 Beard Trimmer***

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