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Men's body powders are an invaluable ally in the battle against sweat, moisture, chafing and the resulting discomfort and odor in private regions, feet and beyond. Perfect for both athletes and cubicle-dwellers alike, high-quality men's body powders are a must in any gent's arsenal. We proudly carry best-in-class body powders for men from brands including Balla, Grooming Lounge, Fresh Balls, Dry Goods and more.

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  • Fresh Balls - The Solution For Men
      Fresh Balls - The Solution For Men

    Innovative, natural lotion quickly morphs into a dry powder on the skin to keep privates fresh and mess free.

    Also try Grooming Lounge Super Powder and save 15% with code: SUPER15


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Men's Body Powders

Men’s Body Powder Tips & Advice

It's not debate-able—men often tend to sweat and emit funky odors. Powders are a life-saver for this challenge, particularly during the hot and humid months of the year as they assist in keeping a man's private areas (rear and feet too) dry and comfortable. Most people aren’t aware of this, but sweat is actually odorless until it comes into contact with the bacteria lying in the upper layers or surface of skin, waiting to be picked up. Body powders for men soak up this sweat, thus keeping a man smelling fresh. Our men’s body powders are also a great solution for men who suffer from chaffing in the most sensitive of regions.

Men’s body powders are typically either talcum or cornstarch-based. For gents that find powders to be too messy, there are also spray-able formulas and lotions that transform into powders on contact. Our top choice is Grooming Lounge Super Powder – a lightweight, fresh-smelling talcum powder that absorbs the bad stuff in a big way.

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