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Men's hands and feet take a beating day in and day out -- so keeping them in good shape can be chore. Luckily, there are plenty of hand creams,finger and toenail clippers, body lotions, manicure sets and more to keep a gent's extremities in tip-top shape. Cleansed, moisturized and manicured hands and feet say a lot about a man. Make sure yours communicate the right things.
Coola manufactures and markets the most effective, comfortable and natural sunscreens available today (2013). Organic and luxurious ingredients fuse together in sun care that goes on smooth, conditions skin and protects faces and bodies from dangerous rays. A fave of celebs world-wide.

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  • Fresh Balls - The Solution For Men
      Fresh Balls - The Solution For Men

    Innovative, natural lotion quickly morphs into a dry powder on the skin to keep privates fresh and mess free.

    Also try Grooming Lounge Super Powder.

  • Fresh Feet - The Solution For Men
      Fresh Feet - The Solution For Men

    Innovative, natural lotion quickly turns into a dry powder to keep sweaty feet fresh and dry all day. Mess-free.


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Tips & Advice For Hands & Feet

We our proud to offer a large selection of hand washes, hand creams, foot creams, finger and toenail clippers and other tools to keep a man's mitts and "barking dogs" in tip-top shape. When prospecting potential hand creams, pay particular attention to how greasy your hands feels after. A good hand cream should sink in fast and hydrate the hands quickly -- without leaving behind a ton of greasiness. Of course, for a hand wash, scent usually is the major factor and Molton Brown’s Hand Washes deliver big-time in this area. While many guys use the same clipper for their finger and toenails, it’s recommended to have two different clippers since the toes and hands have different size nails and angles they need to be trimmed at. If you have funky smelling feet, we recommend grabbing a powder and sprinkling some on the feet or in your shoes to absorb sweat. Your shoes (and friends) will thank you later.

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