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Where's Our "Some Hair Cream" Product

Photo by Doc Handsome

If you're one of the thousands who has enjoyed Grooming Lounge Some Hair Cream in the past, you might just be asking yourself... "why can't I buy this amazing styling product anymore?"

Well, here's the straight truth on what the status is with our very-popular, lightweight styling lotion. We're reformulating it. Why you say?

You see, we first launched the product around 2008 and everything was going along fine until 2017, when our Founder and noted poo poo head, Mike Gilman, decided we needed to make a few changes based on barber and guest feedback.  The goal was to keep the base of the product the same (holds hair in place with a very light scent, a lot of conditioning and no greasiness or stiffness), but to make it even lighter and more conditioning.  To make it even awesome.

We worked with one of our trusted manufacturing partners and they created a formula that got rave reviews from all involved.  It was Some Hair Cream, but slightly better.  We approved it and it would sit on the shelf until our current inventory of Some Hair Cream ran out.

That happened and Lab X made about 10,000 tubes of the new and improved stuff.  It arrived and people used it and for the most part, not much was said.

But, over the last few weeks we've heard more and more from our barbers and a few guests that the new product is a bit looser and a tad oilier than the old.  And while still a great product, these folks said it's better off the old way.

So we spoke with the lab and it turns out a small ingredient was swapped out at processing.  Nothing drastic, just a generic version of some chemical we can't even spell.  And upon further review, we found that ingredient affects the consistency of the product in a way that's just not up to our 110% standards.

With that said, we're in the process of fixing this up and getting a new formula, while at the same time discontinuing the formula that wasn't the fan favorite.  We hope it'll be quick, but if not, here's hoping some of the many other great styling products we carry can carry you over until Some Hair Cream makes its triumphant return.

This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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