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Step Away From The Razor! No-Shave November Is Here

Photo by Jennifer Ryan Jones

Ready, set, grow! It’s time to gear up for the most epic No-Shave November yet. Remember, it’s not just about putting down the razor and going au naturel. Like last fall, just growing your beard and mustache can make a difference. The No-Shave November foundation will use your facial fur donations to finance groundbreaking cancer research, early cancer detection and much-needed treatment programs. Register here to set up your own personal No-Shave November fundraising page and here to make a donation. Or be a team player by following along and tagging your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you quit shaving for a cure, you'll feel handsome inside and out.

Are you hyped? Good, let's get growing! Think back to last year. The first few days of not shaving were pretty damn awesome. But then itchiness and skin irritation set in, accompanied by too many wise-ass patchy beard, caterpillar mustache comments to mention. Sorry, we can't stop the haters. But we can make this year’s effort a little more comfortable by getting your skin in tip-top shape. Think of these groomers as Miracle Grow for your face.


A good scrub lifts dead skin cells, deep cleans pores and unclogs hair follicles. Jack Black Face Buff clears the way for freshly sprouting facial fur using tiny scrubbing particles that remove dirt and de-gunk pores. But most importantly this exfoliator gently gets rid off dry, dead skin that can trap painful ingrown hairs. Working the grittiness in a circular motion will stimulate blood flow and new hair growth.



When it comes to beard care, the first place prize goes to Grooming Lounge Whisker Sauce. You'll want to work this magic formulation into your skin, stubble and full-blown bushy beard every single day of November. No matter what stage of growth your in, Whisker Sauce will keep your beard and the skin underneath from looking dull and tired. Let it sink to condition and soften your whiskers while keeping nasty itchiness and beardruff at bay. It will leave your beard healthier, more manageable, and smelling terrific. You’re welcome.




Patchy beards and ‘staches are just so sad. It’s not No-Trim November. Using the Andis SlimLine 2 Cord/Cordless Trimmer to even out the growth can help your poor beard look fuller and thicker. It's a sleek cordless, mess-free trimmer that will clean up runaway hairs and mow down overgrown spots with 6 different attachment combs to get your stubble up to snuff.




As the temperatures drop it's important to keep your beard nourished and well-hydrated. Bluebeards Original Ridgerunner Beard Oil will sink deeply into your fresh facial fur and the skin underneath as it moisturizes and keeps you comfy as it grows. Take a few drops of this vitamin-packed oil and warm it up in your hands. Then work it into your skin and out to the ends of your beard hair.




Whether you are growing a full beard or just a simple stache, you'll need to tame those rogue hairs and smooth that scruff. Beardbrand Tree Ranger Mustache Wax is a blend of Beeswax and Jojoba and can be just the style help you need to put your best face forward. It fits right in your pocket and she'll love the fresh woody mix of cedar, pine, and eucalyptus.


This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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