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Get Groomed For The Job: The Summer Internship Edition

Photo by Jennifer Ryan Jones

Congratulations! You landed your first internship. Of course, as a student you’ll be  expected to pay your dues. But, we’re about to drop some basic workplace knowledge to help you bridge the enormous gap between your dorm room and the boardroom. After all, good work habits separate the successful from the slackers. Remember you’re your own brand and you’ll need to put your best foot forward when stepping on this first rung of the corporate ladder. Are you serious about going further than your frat brothers? Consider these suggestions from Grooming Lounge Founder, Mike Gilman on how to impress the boss so that you eventually become one.



Be early.

Bottom line, your boss expects you to arrive at work on time. But, coming in early makes a great impression. As the famous Vince Lombardi quote goes, “If you are five minutes early, you are already ten minutes late.” And one of the rudest things you can do is to come in really late with a bagel and coffee in hand. If you had ten minutes to stop for breakfast, that’s ten minutes earlier you could have been at work.


Give yourself a hand.

You can tell a lot about a guy from his handshake. Take good care of your deal making mitts. A nailbrush, hot water and good bar of soap will lift out a semester worth of dorm room dirt and grime. Give your nails and good clipping and moisturize. Oh, and do us all a favor and keep your dirty solo cup, beer pong germs to yourself. Always wash your hands!


Be prepared.

If you’re lucky enough to get some face time with your boss, you’ll need a pen and paper. Remember, when sitting in on a meeting, especially as an intern, you should always take notes. You're simply not going to remember everything, and it will keep you from getting distracted by one of his runaway nose hairs or thinking about what's for lunch. Listen, learn and write it down.


Clean Up Your Act

Shave. It’s a sign of respect. This is especially important if you’re interning for a more conservative company. Otherwise, check the workplace dress code. And if it’s acceptable to rock a beard, make sure it’s neat and trimmed. Speaking of cleaning it up, don’t ignore your personal hygiene. Sure, in college you can get away with skipping a shower to make it to class on time. But this is a place of business. Don’t be the new smelly guy. Just like in elementary school it becomes a tough label to shake.


This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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