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Best Black Friday Deals You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Photo by Conor LaRocque

The best exercise after your gravy-soaked Turkey Day smorgasbord is a healthy bout of Black Friday shopping. But if you don’t want to get trampled in pursuit of big-ticket electronics, keep in mind some under-the-radar gems you can snag at a remarkable discount from the comfort of your couch. From jeans to genes and a few things in between, here are assorted items to add to your Black Friday shopping list. And for online deals on men's grooming and shaving products and accessories, be sure to follow Grooming Lounge’s newsletter for the latest deals and promotions on Black Friday and throughout the holidays.


Suck it Up

If you’ve ever seen the ads (or price tags) for Dyson products, you may have gotten the sense that these high-tech vacuums are meant only for the space-age elite. But if you’re still dragging your heavy vacuum up and down the stairs or tripping over cords, maybe it’s time to consider one of Dyson’s cordless delights. Macy’s offers quite the spread of discounted options so that you can take a ton of hassle out of your post-Thanksgiving cleanup.


All the Mixin’s

In the flurry of Thanksgiving meal preparations, perhaps some of your well-worn cooking equipment finally bit the dust. Or maybe your arms have become so jacked from hand-mixing that you can’t fit through the doorway. While the latter is unlikely, it could be time to invest in helpful kitchen appliances like this mixer, part of BestBuy’s slate of Black Friday deals. Offered at a steep discount, it will gear you up for your holiday baking without eating up all your dough.



Chromosome for the Holidays

Have you ever secretly wondered if the people seated around your Thanksgiving table are actually your family? Companies like 23andMe and Ancestry realize that family get-togethers are prime times to do a little DNA-testing, which is why they roll out special offers around the holidays. You can get a discounted test kit (or more), and unearth all the gnarly roots and branches of your family tree.


Old Save-y

Whether you tack on a pound or two at Thanksgiving dinner and need bigger pants, or you just want to bundle up for December, Old Navy will have you covered. Their Black Friday deals start even before Thanksgiving (on Wednesday, in fact). Shoppers can expect 50% off nearly everything in the store, and the return of $1 cozy socks—cutesy, yes. But a dollar? Also yes.


Black Furday

Don’t neglect the cats, dogs, gerbils, and other fur-balls in your life. If they missed out on everything but a few table-scraps after the Thanksgiving Feast, you can still make it up to them. Pamper them with food, accessories, beds and more—all part of Petco’s Black Friday deals. If anything it’ll be a way to keep your eager dogs occupied while you and your family wolf down the leftovers.


Worth the Weight

The weighted blanket has become a trendy item due to its stress-fighting capabilities. But depending on brand, size, and weight, the cost can shoot into the hundreds. Target, however, will offer 12-lb. Tranquility blankets for $50 for Black Friday. So after a long day of shopping you can wind down beneath one of these soothing spreads, or even hide from certain relatives.


This article was written and appeared on Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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