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7 Tips To Make Your Bathroom Much More Sanitary

Photo by Laura Fernandez

When guys think about having to clean their bathroom, their minds immediately go straight to the toilet - thus ignoring the litany of other dust, dirt and bacteria festering elsewhere. But proper bathroom maintenance goes beyond the bowl as maintaining an overall cleaner space is imperative to improving your personal hygiene, health and confidence during guest visits.  Check out some top tips for cleaning the sh!t out of your bathroom. 


Use A Shower Squeegee 

If you have a shower curtain rather than a glass shower door, please skip this tip (we also assume you're under 35). The same tool used to clear off your car's windshield can also be used on your shower door, though we recommend getting a separate one for your car and shower. Clearing away accumulated water drops prevents build up of any hard water minerals on walls, slows the appearance of soap scum residue and minimizes mold growth. If you want to do one better, keep a 50/50, vinegar/water spray bottle handy and spritz the walls before squeegeeing after every shower - this will further penetrate and remove grime. 


Change Or Clean Your Shower Curtain Liner

If you have a glass shower door, congrats (and skip this tip). Make certain to check the bottom seams and edges of that nasty curtain liner for any stains or discoloration - mold can form in just a matter of weeks. If you’re feeling zany, scrub your liner every so often with a bathroom cleaner. Purchase a new liner every few months or as soon as it starts looking nasty. If you’re using a nicer, high-quality fabric or natural shower liner, wash it monthly with a quality detergent and some white vinegar or baking soda in a cold-water wash.


Wash Your Towel Every Week 

Forgetting to do this may be good for your water bill and the planet, but it's bad for pretty much everything else. Your bath towel collects dead skin cells, bacteria and basically trades in freshness with every shower. Switch it every week minimum, or if you need help remembering (and for the sake of routine), swap your towel every weekend and start the week fresh.

Bonus Tip: Hang your towel up outside of your bathroom. Your damp bathroom is not the place to dry your towel as it'll be more susceptible to bacterial growth.


Change Your Loofah Once A Month 

Your loofah (or washcloth if your prefer) helps exfoliate and brighten your skin. It also gradually gathers bacteria and dead skin cells while losing scrubbing power. Some loofahs are made of naturally-grown gourd fibers, which are more natural to use and earth-friendly, but also helps them break down faster from daily use. Switch over to a fresh loofah monthly and recycle or compost old ones if being nature-conscious is a priority.


Leave The Bathroom Fan On After Showering 

A hot and steamy shower can be a haven for your body, but on the down side it's also the ideal environment for mold. Mold grows quickly in any warm and wet environment, so leave the fan on during and after showering. If your bathroom doesn't have a fan, crack a window or leave the door open so steam can escape.


Avoid Bleach

This may come as a shocker, but bleach is actually pretty bad to breathe in. Instead, opt for non-toxic alternatives that will clean just as well without costing a lung. Soak your shower head inside a vinegar-filled baggy for a few hours or overnight to flush out accumulated crud.


Watch The Hair

We know it's easy to do your manscaping in the shower and let the water take care of it. However, clumps of hair clippings mixed with soap can soon be a shower-stopper - causing a much bigger headache. Do yourself a favor trim over a towel or newspaper and shake those hair trimmings in the trash before running your shower.

This article was written and appeared on . Grooming Lounge and our Founder, Mike Gilman, were quoted a lot, so we borrowed the article. Giving them credit -- hope it's OK.

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