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We’re Coming Up On Our 15th Anniversary

Grooming Lounge’s Luxury DC Barbershop & Men’s Spa opened 15 years ago this March.  It’s been a great ride, filled with outstanding grooming, the best guests, an unrivaled team and a lot of learning and growing.  But it’s also been filled with a lot of signature Grooming Lounge services.  Just how many you ask?  Well, [...]

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I’ve Been Shaving Since I Was 9

It’s the holiday season and things are really busy around here.  Like zany busy.  That’s a good thing. The downside is that I haven’t had a chance to blog to all 50 (51 if you include my mom) subscribers in way too long. Well, sorry to disappoint, but this blog is no winner. Instead, it’s [...]

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HIllary Supporters Wouldn’t Shower For A Month To Ensure Victory

Survey Reveals How Far Well-Groomed Men Will Go To Sacrifice Hygiene for Country Clinton Voters Will Go the Extra Gross Yard To Keep Trump Out With only one week to go till the election, Americans are tensing up with anxiety over who will occupy 1600 Pennsylvania come January. So Grooming Lounge (that’s us), the nation’s premier destination for men’s grooming solutions, released a survey to find out just how much Trump and [...]

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Here’s An Internal E-Mail I Sent Out Today

We’re always trying to “up our game” at Grooming Lounge, whether in our stores, online or with our Grooming Lounge Solutions.  Anyway, today I was thinking about ways we could enhance the guest experience in our Grooming Lounge Luxury Barbershops and Spas even more and jotted down this little memo and sent it this out [...]

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