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We’re Coming Up On Our 15th Anniversary

Grooming Lounge’s Luxury DC Barbershop & Men’s Spa opened 15 years ago this March.  It’s been a great ride, filled with outstanding grooming, the best guests, an unrivaled team and a lot of learning and growing.  But it’s also been filled with a lot of signature Grooming Lounge services.  Just how many you ask?  Well, [...]

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The Howard Stern Experience

So as you may or may not know, Grooming Lounge was recently featured on the Howard Stern Show.  As a huge fan, it was an honor to be able to be in studio with Howard — not to mention — great to try and spread the word about our company and all we have to [...]

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Season’s Groomings & Thank You

Dear 25-50 Or So Blog Readers: I wanted to personally thank you for helping to make 2016 a special year for our company. The only way we can stay the number one destination for men’s grooming products, services and advice is with members like you – our faithful and always handsome community. Every member of the Grooming [...]

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I’ve Been Shaving Since I Was 9

It’s the holiday season and things are really busy around here.  Like zany busy.  That’s a good thing. The downside is that I haven’t had a chance to blog to all 50 (51 if you include my mom) subscribers in way too long. Well, sorry to disappoint, but this blog is no winner. Instead, it’s [...]

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This Makes Our Best Smeller Sound Pretty Enticing — Huh?

There’s a great story behind all the barber-created and barbershop-utilized Grooming Lounge Solutions we develop.  But perhaps, we haven’t been going back far enough in letting gents know each product’s history beyond Grooming Lounge.  That’s what we’re attempting to do now and the first item up is Grooming Lounge Our Best Smeller Body Wash.  We [...]

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