When it comes to making a decision, guys want to know they’re getting a high quality product that’s dependable.

All the time, gents from both our barbershops and online are looking for the best safety razor available.

Since a safety razor’s effectiveness is dependent on many factors, there is no one razor that will work for everyone. Instead, our Founder, Mike G., focuses on our most popular brand of razors and the best safety razors within the line.

Here are the 5 best razors from our top safety razor brand – Merkur. Click here to see all our razors. 

Merkur 34C - The most popular razor from Merkur and a guest-favorite, the 34C is a short, heavy duty two-piece razor that allows for maximum maneuverability to get those tricky spots around your beard and under the lip. The heaviness makes it ideal for gents who tend to have shaky hands as the weight will provide balance for smooth, controlled strokes.

Merkur 38C -  The long-handled version of the 34C, the size is ideal for gents with big hands or newbies to safety razors. The long handle resembles the size of a Mach 3-esque razor which helps the razor feel more comfortable when switching over to double-edge shaving. Heavy weight provides a close shave that isn’t too aggressive.

Merkur 37C - Nicknamed “The Slant”, this razor is for the wet shaving aficionados. The unique slant bar design causes the blade to sit at an angle with one side raised higher than the other. This feature widens the gap between the blade and bar, creating a more aggressive shave as it allows more hair to come into contact with the blade – perfect for gents with thicker beards or those who want the closest shave possible.

Futur 700/701 - For newbies and experts alike, this adjustable razor has 6 settings to adjust the closeness of your shave so you’ll never get tired of your routine. #1 setting exposes less skin to the blade and is best for sensitive skin, while the #6 setting offers up a more aggressive shave. Its sturdy snap-on, snap-off razor head makes cleaning it and changing blades a snap.

907 Detailing - This small, wedge-shaped detailing razor is perfect those tricky spots around a goatee or shaving the neckline. Unique wedge-shaped head and knurled grip provide maximum precision and comfort, creating fine edges with no nicks or cuts. Still looking for more information on safety razors? Reach out to our Grooming Experts - We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help guide you to better shaving.

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