Men's Chest, Back And Body Hair Grooming Tools


We’re not here to judge your chest hair. It’s not our business whether you choose to go furry or smooth. Frankly, we’re getting a little ill just talking about it. However, we are indeed in the business of helping men take care of themselves – and should grooming chest hair be part of that – we certainly wanna’ tell you how it’s done.


If you're shearing off hair on the chest, it's usually best to make your back match. Hairt backs and smooth fronts ain't a solid combo.


  • To leave a little hair: If you’re looking to do some de-forestation, but not yet ready to go “totally clean,” a body hair trimmer is the best option. There are many types available, most of which have adjustable length settings.
  • For a totally smooth chest: Primarily the forte’ of professional wrestlers and members of the Jersey Shore cast, baby-smooth chest proponents have several tools at their disposal:
  • Shaving: The most common method is also the trickiest, as it can often lead to cuts and irritation. Additionally, hair tends to re-sprout within days after shaving.
  • Laser Removal: This permanent, but pricier technique typically requires 3 to 4 professional treatments spaced out over a couple months.
Product Best for.... Tip
Bakblade Shaver

Guys who prefer a manual, at-home and pain-free back shaving experience. Just a few razor passes and the back will be super smooth.

Replace the blades once you start to feel the razor getting a bit dull. The first few swipes will be awkward, from there you’ll love it.

Mangroomer Professional

Tool extends to make it easy to reach the back and other hard to reach spots.

Remember, everything goes in reverse in the mirror.


Trimming those missed hairs on the privates, back and chest. Also great for trimming sensitive areas with minimal risk of collateral damage due to rounded tips.

As with a haircut, it's better to start by clipping just a little—you can always take off more, but you can't get hair back.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Body Groomer

Exactly what it sounds like. Gets private areas smoothed out safely and comfortably.

Always use a guard around the crown jewels. Just trust us on this one.

Razor/shave oil

Getting smoother, closer results than an electric trimmer.

As with the face, it's important to shave with the grain. Then, keep the area you shaved clean and exfoliated to avoid ingrown hairs. Trim it down first.

DS Laboratories Keramene

Minimizer softens hairs and inhibits growth to make staying smooth between shaves easy.

Make sure you get a smooth coat—you don't want to undo all that hard work with patchiness when the hair comes back.


If Using A Body Hair Trimmer

STEP #1: Take a shower, paying special attention to clean and scrub the chest area. Once out of the shower, dry that chest.

STEP #2: On the trimmer, select the proper guard or setting that correlates to the desired hair length and begin removing hair in the direction of growth. If all seems comfortable, the process can be sped up by going against the direction of hair growth. If there is irritation, take a week or so off, making sure to exfoliate and moisturize the chest in the interim.

STEP #3: To soothe and heal any potential irritation post-trim (especially during maiden voyages), generously apply a soothing moisturizer or after shave to the entire area.

STEP #4: Between trimming sessions, make certain to cleanse and exfoliate the chest regularly to avoid razor burn and bumps.

If Using A Razor

STEP #1: If hair being removed is long, the first step might be to use a trimmer as above to chop that forest down to a manageable level. From there, take a warm shower, making certain to cleanse the chest area.

STEP #2: Rub a translucent shaving oil or gel into the targeted area and let said solution absorb in for several minutes. Reactivate shaving product by rubbing in some additional warm water.

STEP #3: Using a quality multi-blade razor, carefully shave in the direction of hair growth (usually downward), using extra caution in sensitive areas (hello nipples) and only going against the grain to get stubborn areas. Make certain to rinse razor out in-between passes.

STEP #4: Rinse chest well with water, gently pat dry and generously apply a soothing moisturizer or post shave balm to entire area. If irritation or breakouts seem likely, cocktail with a targeted irritation-fighting product. Adding a little powder will keep things comfortable as well.

STEP #5: Between shaving sessions, make certain to cleanse and exfoliate chest regularly to avoid razor burn and bumps.