A Beard's Life

Beard Tips & Products For Every Stage Of Growth

Whether sporting it for style purposes, sports fandom or out of short-sighted laziness, cultivating a superior beard takes time and effort. For best results, follicular formations must be cared for and nurtured throughout their lifespan with the right products and grooming activities.

STUBBLE START: Patience & Cleansing

Depending on growth rates, it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to see noticeable beard progression. From the get go, stubble needs to be cleansed regularly to remove dirt, oils and buffalo wing sauce. Cleansing such stubble with the right beard wash will infuse facial hair with the stuff needed to grow in comfortably (think no itching) and healthy. Aspiring beards should also be scrubbed twice a week to eliminate the dry and dead skin beneath – which will make continual growth more comfortable and help prevent ingrown hairs.


The hardest stage of beard growth comes after the first week or two, when it’s past the stubble stage and beard hairs are a bit longer. That’s when follicles grow every which way, tickling skin and creating that itchy and scratchy feeling, especially in the neck region.

This is when men most commonly call it quits. They can’t handle the itching, aren’t impressed with the look or get demands from their significant other. Luckily, there are now some solutions to make beards a bit softer like the Soft Goat, less annoying and better looking at this juncture.

MAINTENANCE: Styling & Trimming

It’s finally arrived… a handsome and healthy beard. And whether you plan on keeping it relatively tight or going full ZZ Top, there’s a few items worth investing in to keep things on the right path. We’re talking combs, trimmers, styling waxes and more.