BaKblade "Big Mouth" Original Back Shaver




BaKblade "Big Mouth" Original Back Shaver

Game-changing, easy-to-use manual back shaving razor makes getting rid of unsightly hair pain-free and simple.
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Bar none the best and easiest-to-use back shaving tool for pain-free and easy hair removal. No batteries required as there is nothing electric about it -- just a few swipes up and down, left and right and back hair will be gone quickly and sans any discomfort. Wide blade is ergonomically positioned to keep constant pressure for a smooth shave and the long flexible handle makes shaving even the most tough-to-reach spots easy. Can be used wet or dry, in or out of the shower. No need to call in a roommate for an awkward request, or run into an expensive, painful and embarrassing 40 Year Old Virgin type scenario -- this product has got your back.

To Use: Reach back until blade contacts hairy surfaces and shave as normal. Can be used in or out of the shower. Replace blade about every month depending on how often you shave.

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