• What is Grooming Lounge

    What is Grooming Lounge?

    The Grooming Lounge is the country's premiere source for men's grooming solutions. We provide these solutions via our best-in-class web destination (right here at www.groominglounge.com), iconic Barbershops & Men's Spa locations (in D.C. and Northern Virginia) and barber-formulated Grooming Lounge products (created and tested in our shops).

    The Grooming Lounge’s mission is to “Elevate Men’s Handsomeness & Confidence Through Superior Men’s Grooming Products & Services.”

  • Who is behind the grooming lounge

    Who is behind the Grooming Lounge?

    The Grooming Lounge was conceptualized in 1999 by gents with a lifetime of experience in the men's grooming and fashion industry. After serving as the "un-official grooming gurus/suppliers" to their regular-guy buddies for years, the duo decided to make it official by creating a grooming brand incorporating stores, a web site, a catalog and custom-blended grooming products. Now led by Founder Michael Gilman and the company's team of Grooming Experts, the Grooming Lounge is committed to setting new industry standards via the best in customer and technical service.

  • Does the Grooming Lounge have physical stores

    Does the Grooming Lounge have physical stores?

    Yep. Our first Upscale Barbershop and Men's Spa opened its doors in March 2002 in Washington, D.C. and our Northern Virginia outpost followed a few years later. These brick and mortar destinations combine great product offerings together with classic services including haircuts, hot lather shaves, business manicures, men's skin care and more -- all provided in an undeniably masculine setting. For more on our stores (locations, hours and services), click here.

  • How does the Grooming Lounge choose the products it carries

    How does the Grooming Lounge choose the products it carries?

    When it comes to products, The Grooming Lounge is committed to offering the "best of the best." We know your ongoing appearance is a direct reflection our products, the usage information we provide and maybe a bit of genetics as well (that part is out of our hands). So, instead of showcasing every product under the sun, we solely offer the solutions that deliver maximum results. Every product featured on the site and in the stores has received the "thumbs up" from our Co-Founder and the Grooming Experts in our DC and Virginia stores. These folks know what they're doing.

  • Where does the advice come from

    Where does the advice come from?

    The advice offered on the site is compiled by our Founder in conjunction with the expert staff in Grooming Lounge's DC and Virginia stores. These professionals make men look more handsome every day and have an expertise that ranges from hair to skin to nails to relaxation to men's fashion. We're all grooming geeks, reviewing this stuff is a pleasure for us.

  • Grooming Lounge has its own products

    Does Grooming Lounge have its own products?

    You'll see a variety of products in our stores and online that feature the Grooming Lounge crest and name. These shaving and hair care solutions were conceptualized, developed, tested and approved in our Barbershops by our expert team of Barbers and Men's Skin Care Experts. Grooming Lounge stores use these products every day and we're also proud to make them available via some of the country's top upscale retailers and salons.