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Zirh Shave Gel

Translucent formula soothes and calms skin and is perfect for maintaining sideburns and sculpting facial hair.

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Translucent gel is ideal for maintaining sideburns, sculpting facial hair and improving every shave. Packed with Aloe Vera, non-foaming formula sets up a slick skin surface for a shave free of nicks, cuts and razor burn. Natural ingredients leaves skin nourished, hydrated and calm. Benzocaine-free.

Sizes: 3.4 oz. Tube
Skin Type: All skin types.
Fragrance: None.
Key Ingredients: Seaweed Extract, Glycerin, Aloe & Ginseng.
To Use: Massage into wet, clean face and shave away.
  1. Uninspiring Review by Dr. Bob

    I'm not trying to be difficult, but I don't get why anyone would like this. Doesn't provide very good lubrication, so the shave is rough (even handsoap works better than this); Gel is thin, wimpy and texturally uninspiring; little to no scent, etc. I stuck with this and used it for a while and eventually gave up. For me, it diminished my shave experience instead of enhancing it. I don't get it. But maybe I just got a bad batch.

  2. Great shave Review by BBWI

    My favorite, too. But it used to come in a big jar container so not sure if they just changed the container or the recipe as well. Let's hope the just former. Combine this with their pre-shave oil and you won't be sorry. It's cool, numbing, smells good, slightly thinner than some other gels so it goes on easily an shaves off well. Again, my fav

  3. Try for the best shave! Review by Anthony

    This is my favorite shave gel. After putting on this gel your shave will feel like butter. No niks, cuts, or razor burn. Also cool that you can see where you are going as the gel is clear so this is good for sculpting. Highly recommend this one!