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Zirh Restore

Zirh Restore reduces puffiness, lines, and wrinkles around the eyes.

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Great cure for those tired, baggy eyes, special solution tones and tightens skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and dark areas. Has eyes appearing well-rested and feeling soothed before you can say "..... A long-time fan favorite.

Size: 1.0 oz.
Skin Type: All
Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Extract
How To Use: Apply small amount lightly in circular motion under and around eyes, up to twice daily.
  1. One of the best Review by Lucas

    I have been using Zirh products for a couple years. I especially like the Restore for my eyes. If you can get it on sale, it is a great deal, otherwise it is a bit pricey at $28. One tube will last you a long time. The formula easily aborbs into your skin, is non greasy and just a little dab is all it takes. I see noticeable differences when I am using this product. The skin under and around my eyes looks healthier and firmer. Great stuff.