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VIOlight ZAPI  Personal Toothbrush Sanitizer

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VIOlight ZAPI Personal Toothbrush Sanitizer

Futuristic pod encases toothbrushes in a germ-free setting where ultraviolet light kills 99.9% of the nasty stuff you'd otherwise put in your mouth.

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The "tooth" is that any single toothbrush can house more than 10,000,000 disease-ridden bacteria. Take a breath now...

Enter the Zapi, the most effective and simplest way (watch the video tab) to keep brushes clean and germs away from teeth and mouths. Using germicidal ultraviolet light, the Zapi kills 99.9% (nobody's perfect) of mean-spirited micro-organisms within minutes to leave toothbrush bristles and heads as clean as when first purchased. Fits any manual toothbrush or electric head and looks slick on the bathroom counter. Post brushing, lock the toothbrush into the stand, press the start button, and let the gadget's ultraviolet light work its magic. Pod lights up inside warding off evil germs and will shut off automatically in only a couple of minutes when all's done. A must-have tool... don't worry, be Zapi.

Available in blue or white. 1-year limited warranty. Lifetime bulb. Operates on 3 AAA batteries, sold separately.