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Travalo Travel Fragrance Refill Spray Container- Silver

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Travalo Travel Fragrance Refill Spray Container- Silver

Ingenious little device is the best way for a guy to take his favorite fragrance on the road without bringing and breaking the whole expensive bottle.

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Nifty little device is the best invention we’ve seen since the remote control. Travel cologne bottle lets a guy take a vacation’s worth of his favorite fragrance without having to carry (and risk damaging) the entire uber-expensive bottle. Pack it in your shave kit, gym bag or carry-on—it’s TSA approved. Super easy to refill - just pop the sprayer off of the top of your favorite cologne, place the tool over the tube and give it a few pumps. No funnels, no mess and no wasted fragrance. Holds about 50 sprays. Comes in black or silver. Get it and smell good whether north, south, east or west.
  1. Great for someone who needs his Fragrance Review by Jason

    I travel a lot for work and I like to bring a fragrance in case I decide to go out at night. The one time I traveled my bottle of Gucci broke in my bag. Lucky for me it stayed in the bag and didn't ruin everything. I did had to do laundry however. This product won't break and you aren't stuck with having to wait to get your baggage because you had a bottle over 3oz.