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The Fashion Anchor

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The Fashion Anchor

Easy-to-use adhesive pads are a more versatile alternative to the traditional collar stay.

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Drop anchor with the ultimate jack-of-all-trades fashion accessory. Sticky pads lay unruly collars and more to rest with an adhesive that leaves shirts looking like new in no time. Anchors create a natural collar line around ties and can even act as a hidden button for that classic 70's look. Each anchor is a 1/2″ circle of a double-sided adhesive formula that can be simply peeled off and tossed when done. Comes in a 36 pack (that will last you a long while) and can easily be stored in a wallet for emergency deployment. Buh-bye annoying collar stays. Watch the video below if you've got some time to kill.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is the Fashion Anchor reusable?
Yes & No… Once removed, the fashion anchor will not be nearly as effective as originally. However, if you leave the fashion anchors on your shirt it will work as many times as you need it. .

Will it ruin my clothes?
No, the fashion anchor will not leave any mess behind on any of your garments. It is designed with cleanliness in mind.

What happens if I forget to remove it and I put it in the washing machine?
When put in the wash the fashion anchor will either come off completely and drain like the water, or it will stay very loosely attached to your garment and can be easily removed thereafter.

Is it safe to leave the Fashion Anchor on when I dry clean my shirt?
Like any other collar stay, we strongly advise that you remove it before dry-cleaning your shirt.