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The Art of Shaving Alum Block

A faster, better way to staunch cuts or bleeding, alum is a time-tested solution for skin recovery after shaving.

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A better solution for post-shave recovery then tiny toilet-paper squares, old-school styptic bar sourced from alum never goes out of style. Stops bleeding and closes pores on contact for a smoother, scab-free appearance.

Size: 1 Bar, 3.7 oz
Key Ingredients: Alum Potash
How To Use: Wet block with cold water and gently apply to face where needed after shaving.
  1. An often overlooked accesory Review by Christian

    While this item may seem expensive it really lasts a long time, at least for me it does. I just wet my fingers, rub them on the block and then rub on uncomfortable/bleeding area. It burns a little but nothing uncomfortable. Rather than dealing with cuts and nicks make sure you try this product.

  2. Cools the skin well Review by John

    I run this block under cold water for a minute then rub it over my shaved skin. It really cools the skin an relieves any burning sensations. I highly recommend this product everyone, especially anyone who suffers from post-shaving skin burning/irritation.