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Taylor of Old Bond Street Limes & Lemon Shaving Cream - Tube

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Taylor of Old Bond Street Limes & Lemon Shaving Cream - Tube

High-lather cream forms a great foundation for comfortable shaving while imparting a fresh, citrus aroma.

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Wonderfully citrusy cream from one of the most trusted names in shaving is one that every guy should try. Now in a convenient tube form for guys on the go or who just don’t have a brush handy. Combining Mr. Taylor's premium shaving lather with skin-friendly ingredients, it helps prepare the beard for a smooth, comfortable shave while imparting an unbelievable scent. No oiliness, no residue, just full of fatty acids and other whisker-softening ingredients. Paraben-free.

Size: 75 ml
Skin Type: All
Key Ingredients: Glycerin
How To Use: Liberally apply to a wet face by hand or brush, wait a few moments, and shave as normal. Rinse completely.
  1. Excellent shaving cream Review by Gregory

    I've been looking for a new shave cream and this is it. I put a small amount on my brush and it lathered up extremely well. The scent was very pleasant and I received a close, irritation free shave using my DE razor with shark blades. This is the best shave cream I have used.