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Supersmile Professional Activating Rods

Innovative whitening "wand" dispenses a minty gel to help clean and condition teeth while accelerating sought-after chomper-whitening improvement.

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Innovative and easy to use, professional teeth whitening results can be easily had at home using activating rods as an excellent add-on to the SuperSmile Pro Whitening System. Each rod cleans and conditions teeth for maximum whitening results via Sodium Bicarbonate, which primes the enamel without harsh abrasives. Hydrogen Peroxide dispensed through the gel then acts as a compliment to the active ingredients in SuperSmile's Pro Whitening System, safely accelerating the bleaching process and leaving teeth a gleaming, movie star-esque shade of white. Features an original mint flavor.

Size: 12 Pro Activating Rods included.
Key Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate
How To Use: Snap off capsule top and place cotton swab inside rod. Push to gently activate. Using swab, rub gel across teeth in circular motion for 30 seconds. Do not rinse. Follow with SuperSmile Whitening System on dry toothbrush.