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Supersmile All Natural Professional Whitening Gum

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Supersmile All Natural Professional Whitening Gum

A gum that is actually good for your chompers.

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All-Natural chewing gum whitens teeth, freshens breath and fights cavities. Pound-for-pound, the best gum on the market.

Size: 100 pieces
Key Ingredients: Xylitol & Calprox
To Use: Do we really need to explain this?
  1. Its alright Review by Josh

    This gum definately made my teeth whiter. The only problem I had was how gross it tastes after about 5 minutes of chewing. Maybe it's meant to be a quick clean/whiten gum but I tend to chew gum all day long and you can't do it with this product. Still, if you want whiter teeth, you can't go wrong with this gum.

  2. The Easiest Product to Use! Review by Ted

    This product is the best! The easiest way to whiten your teeth, freshen your breath, and keep your mouth free of germs! Use it and you'll see!