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Supersmile 45 Degree Ergonomic Toothbrush -- Green

Brush your teeth at the proper angle without bogus bells and whistles.

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The patented design of this Toothbrush makes it the first toothbrush that helps gurantee that the proper — ADA recommended — 45-degree brushing angle is maintained with each use. The ergonomically designed clear Lucite handle allows the brush to stand upright to assure hygenic drying. Comes in green, blue and white.

  1. This is one great toothbrush! Review by John

    I know we all have pulsing, spinning, squirting, whatever oral devices these days, but this little ingenious toothbrush is worth adding to your arsenal. And we all know we are supposed to brush at 45 degrees to the gum line, right? And we try to do that. Well, I can tell you from using this 9 dollar tool, that this toothbrush is better at it than I am. I know it is simple. The two sides of the bristles are cut at 45 degrees. Genius, yes? Works like a charm. I've been using these for almost 10 years (when they first got them at L Street in Washington). I keep spares and give them away to people. I've given them to two dentists. All I can tell you was that when I started using this I felt brushing action under my gums that I had never felt before.

    Try it. They cost less than you should be tipping your hair stylist.