Shaving shouldn't be feared. Instead, the best shaving products and proper shaving techniques can make it a simple and luxurious ritual that leaves a man's face feeling smooth, refreshed and ready to seize the day. Buh-bye razor irritation, nicks and cuts.



In our shaving category, we offer the best products to provide a relaxing, enjoyable experience that takes the chore out of shaving. If you’re looking for our top picks for getting a better shave, check out our best sellers, which our valued guests have deemed the top choices.


When it comes to shaving, you’re not going anywhere without a quality shave cream or shave soap. Ditch the aerosol can from the drug store and step up your game. Two key points for achieving a smoother shave are to wash your beard with a facial scrub before starting so that the coarse and stubborn beard hairs are softened and uplifted. Then, when using a shave cream or soap, apply a thin layer so that the razor does not get clogged by the excess product and nick the skin.


The secret weapon to a great shave are shave oils. Most guys aren’t familiar with shave oils or the vast improvement they make to a shave. Shave oils improve the razor’s glide, providing a slick surface for the blade to slide across and reduces the chances of getting caught on hair and nicking the skin. The best shave oil hands down is our Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shave Oil.


Shave gels, while not as popular as creams but still just as good, are great because they’re transparent. The clear formula allows you to see where you’re shaving, making it perfect for gents who have goatees, mustaches and beard lines they want to maintain.


Every shave needs a happy ending. If you’re prone to experiencing razor bumps, burn or ingrown hairs, we recommend checking out our shaving irritation solutions and reading this article on getting the best shave ever.

Everyone gets some irritation, but how you tackle it is what matters – starting with the Shavior is a good first step. In the meantime, you’ll also want a soothing aftershave balm to apply liberally. After shaving, your face becomes dry and sensitive, and therefore will soak up with ease any moisture and nourishment provided.


Straight and safety (also called double-edge) razors have made a big comeback as of late and for good reason. We have every type of safety razor available: open-comb, closed-comb, slant, adjustable, 3-piece, 2-piece and butterfly to meet any man’s shaving preferences. We know picking the right safety razor can be tricky from top brands like merkur, dovo, Edwin Jagger and Muhle, so here are our top two picks: Merkur 34c Heavy Classic Double-Edged Safety Razor and Parker Vintage Butterfly Safety Razor 99R.


Safety razor replacement blades are a fraction of the cost compared to their cartridge counterparts. Razor blades are made from varying types of metal and coating that factor into the durability of the blade. A blade will last you between 3-5 shaves, and a good rule of thumb is to change up blades when it begins to get dull. The most popular blades are the Merkur and Feather. If you’re not sure which you’ll like, we recommend grabbing our razor blade sampler pack.


You can have all the great products in the world, but having accessories is what puts the shaving experience over the top. We have razor stands, shaving bowls, protective blade cases and blood stoppers (alum block and styptic pencil) to refine your shaving repertoire, heighten your experience and take care of your tools.


Shave brushes stand tough hairs at attention to make it easier for the blade to cut them down so that you don’t get ingrowns. Brushes also clear up residual dirt and oil on the skin to avoid unwanted breakouts. Make sure to choose a shaving cream that works well with a shaving brush. If you’re just looking to try out a brush and see how you like it, go with the inexpensive Omega Ebony Boar Bristle Shaving Brush. However, we recommend a brush made from Badger hair which is still very affordable, such as Parker’s Ebony Handled Pure Badger Shaving Brush, since the bristles are much softer and last longer.


Kits are perfect for gifts as the make the shaving process easy to understand and ensure an all-around great shave. Our best kit is our Greatest Shave Ever Kit, which provides the core essentials for a smooth shave – plus it will save you a few bucks too.


Building your own set is a great way to dive into double-edge shaving. The customizable kit has every category previously mentioned to provide the option of picking and choosing exactly what you want for your own ultimate lineup of products and tools.


Yeah, shaving your head is a bummer. But there’s nothing worse than a comb over. The bald look has made a huge resurgence in popularity and if it’s your time to embrace the dome, we’ve got the essential products. Try the Headblade ATX All-Terrian Razor which literally rolls across your head for a super-smooth pain free shave.



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