Pampering Wimpy Skin


Morning shave extracting more blood than a Red Cross drive? Razor burn, bumps and irritation a foregone conclusion? Fear not red-faced fellows, the Grooming Guys are here to provide the knowledge and advice necessary to make shaving sensitive skin less horrific.


While it may not be great for our business, the truth is that for many guys, shaving everyday is just too tough on their skin. For those sensitive types, take a day or two off between "blading." A little scruff is infinitely better than a lot of irritation or a face speckled with pieces of Charmin.


When queried, the majority of men place would probably place themselves in the sensitive skin category as it relates to shaving. These guys (and you’re probably one of them if reading this), take the irritation, breakouts and bleeding as more of a reflection of their skin type then of their shaving routine. In reality though, it’s usually the reverse as most men haven’t a clue how to shave. And, by simply following a solid guide to proper skin care and shaving, as outlined in our Guide To Getting “The Greatest Shave Ever,” most shaving issues can be overcome with ease.

That said, there are still a handful of men who do indeed have really sensitive skin and need to take extra precautions when shaving. Guys who fall in this category usually suffer from:

  • Intense dryness that often manifests itself in severe itchiness, flaking and red-ish rashes that fade into skin over time.
  • Eczema, which is clinical-grade sensitive skin and manifests itself via little red bumps that appear on the skin’s surface.
  • Severe ingrown hairs which are most prevalent amongst those with extremely curly hair, as that type of growth often curls back toward skin, re-embedding itself under the skin’s surface and creating a bump.


As mentioned above, the first step in trying to improve the quality of every shave and reduce the possibility of complications is to follow a solid shaving and skincare routine. That aside, if annoying issues continue to prevail or one can align with any of the ailments listed above, incorporate the following information and tips into a prescribed shaving routine.

  • Invest In Blades: Sure it’s pricey, but dull or disposable blades are killers for touchy skin as their drag inflames an already flammable situation. Swapping out blades every two shaves might hurt the wallet, but it will certainly save some face.
  • Be Gentle: When shaving, do so slowly while applying light blade pressure. Only shave with the grain of hair growth, resisting the temptation to get stubborn hairs by going against the grain.
  • Avoid These Ingredients: As with any shave, but even more importantly for those with tender mugs, it’s crucial to avoid skin care products containing large amounts of alcohol or detergent.
  • Soak In The Aftershave: After shaving, when applying the mandatory milky, alcohol-free post-shave balm, do so liberally. Sure it might look like a mask at first, but dry skin is so thirsty it will lap up needed moisture pronto.
  • Prepare For The Elements: Since touchy skin tends to be affected by sun and wind burn more easily after shaving, it’s important to apply a product with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) prior to heading out the door. These products can be layered on top of or in some cases, used in place of a moisturizing post shave balm.
  • Use A Treatment: In many cases, excessive ingrowns, rashes and such can be treated pretty effectively with targeted razor irritation solutions. These items can reverse the aesthetic effects of razor irritation, but as always, it’s better to proactively avoid the problem via better shaving routines than to treat after they have reared their ugly heads.