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Grooming Lounge Super Powder

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Grooming Lounge Super Powder

Light and fresh talcum powder keeps all of a man’s parts comfortable and dry. Barber-approved formula absorbs sweat, reduces friction and keeps odors away.

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Light and fresh talcum powder keeps all of a man’s parts comfortable and dry. Sweat-absorbing and friction reducing, barber-approved formula ensures odors, itchiness and excess stickiness steer clear of chests, backsides, feet and private areas. Leaves parts feeling and smelling fresh – it’s SUPER.

• Very fine consistency goes on light – but still absorbs in a big way.
• Features a light and fresh talc scent that is gently noticeable, but in no way overwhelming.
• Can help reduce itching and scratching.
• Fights chafing in areas where a man doesn’t want to chafe.
• Aluminum and alcohol free.

Pretty much anywhere (avoid the face) that gets too smelly, sweaty or uncomfortable. Just a little sprinkle reduces and absorbs sweat and leaves treated areas feeling cozy. Pits, chests, backs (great after a fresh haircut), crotch-areas (its specialty) and feet are likely targets.

Size: 4.8 oz.
Key Ingredients: Talc & Zinc
Fragrance: Light & Fresh
Skin Type: All (but especially sweaty ones)
To Use: Shake into hand and rub on desired areas or, just sprinkle where it needs to go.

  1. The Grooming Lounge has done it again! Review by Andre

    The Grooming Lounge has managed to produce another fantastic product....GL should be proud to have their name on this, because this talc is worth bragging about....

    There are a lot of talcs on the market, but very few are quality and work all day....This talc does not have that problem....It's Excellent in every category. From the packaging to the fineness of the powder. The scent is fresh, yet manly and it's amazingly long lasting. It's effective at keeping your bits dry and smelling fresh for 12 plus hours...It's just as good as, if not better than Balla. I am happy to add this to my talc rotation and give it my highest recommendation.

  2. Been waiting for this. Review by Edward

    I have been waiting for GL to come out with their own talc powder, and they did. The shaker is well designed. It gives just the right amount of powder. The powder itself is very fine. The fragrance is a manly, oaky smell. I use talc as an antiperspirant because many deodorants do not work for me. I used a small amount the morning it arrived and it is now after 1 AM and I can still notice it, It feels clean and works great. Thanks GL.